Here are a few to choose from!! If you haven’t joined Rue La La, you’re missing a lot. These are nice for guys who work on their feet or outdoors. It’s powerful enough to momentarily disorient anyone. The razor and cartridges come together, making for an all in one gift! For hours on end, the powder absorbs moisture and eats up foul smelling odor. Being a guy in a yoga class, […], Table of Contents Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for Men Men’s Skin Care and Research1. Most guys like leather. If you want to give something him something that he’ll love you for, grab a cordless Phillips Norelco Beard Trimmer. We’re talking everything from toothbrush to toothpaste, plus deodorant, cotton swabs to pain killers. Of course, you don’t always want to get too particular either—trying to do the guesswork to figure out what type of video game he’s into at the moment or what size slacks he’s currently wearing is also a bit of a gamble. The problem is, most guys don’t know what tools to use to shave their privates or trim body hair. If you want to help your man’s feet stay nice and dry, a smart gift choice is Gold Bond’s Foot Powder. Beautiful dark black color. While there are many products on the market, Proraso Aftershave Balm is top drawer. Check out our Website to hear past sermons, get information about ministries, and much more. Perfect for pre and post business meetings, family events and other types of gatherings. If he works out, plays sports or is involved with physical labor, I highly recommend this as a guy gift. Don’t wait until the last minute. Plus, there won’t be any excuses about why he’s late. If there ever was a perfect man gift, it has to be the Swiss Army Knife. Stock this in your guy’s stocking and he’ll truly appreciate it – and you! And if he’s not using one, he probably should. What’s more, many of the suggestions listed below are appropriate for all sorts of situations, including: What’s great about many of these presents are their universal appeal. It also doesn’t hurt that these are super handsome either. That’s why snagging a pair of push-up bars is a wise choice. I’ve used these for years in the sub-zero winters of Chicago and they’ve never let me down. But many aren’t sure about which tools to use, which makes it a hassle. And third, he might pick something healthy up to eat because Subway has lots of great choices. Everything you see here is on the smaller side. That’s why getting him a leather wrist band makes for a cool gift. Thanks for stopping by my gifts for guys page. It’s small, lightweight and battery operated. If your guy is like most men, he probably uses a shaving gel that can be purchased at the local drug store. Highly rated by guys who use them, this hair trimmer has adjustable manscapper that can be customized to his specific needs. They are waterproof and windproof and filled with thermal insulation. Joint pain stinks, particularly when it strikes the elbow. Probably one of the best ones he can use is CeraVe’s daily product with SPF-30 sunscreen. Very practical man gift and perfect for a stocking stuffer. One of the best ones on the market can be found by the folks over at Swipe. And why shouldn’t they? How did your perspective of God change after you had your first child? Not only will they keep his feet nice and warm, they also provide a cushion. Either way, getting him a red silk tie by EPoint is a good choice if you are going for the classic gift. Kind of a cool, all around man gift! In other words, there’s a good chance most men will like what you pick up. If so, an amazing gift to give him is pre-stocked kit. I like this one because it has a woodsy smell but doesn’t overpower. His interests include technology, outdoor activities, science, and men's health. This one is a must if you are looking for a stocking stuffer. See Disclaimer, Dr. John Moore is a licensed counselor and Editor-in-Chief of Guy Counseling. Rather than have him use a pair of scissors to cut the hair and potentially harm himself, a good guy gift choice is the Panasonic Nose/Ear Clipper. Not only will the balm moisturize his face, it will also help minimize the appearance of tiny nicks and cuts. We have a special gift for you today at the end of service. You know how we know men love wine? Small flashlights, like the Streamlight LED Pen Light makes for the perfect present. So if you are having problems thinking about what gift to give to your SPECIAL loved one, I suggest you browse through Rue La La’s 24 Gifts for HER, and 21 Gifts for HIM. Regardless if it’s coffee or soup, you can’t go wrong by getting your guy a stainless steel thermos. Why not pick him up a high quality tire pressure gauge? Need to pick something up that he will use for multiple things, getting him a set of handkerchiefs might not be a bad idea. Guys care about their faces but they just don’t like to talk about it. Wine Gift Baskets for men?! One major issue for men are baggy eyes. Not only does this make for a classy gift, it’s also something he’ll actually use! Want something that he’ll use and stow away in the glove box? Watch Queue Queue Apparently, Allbirds are the coveted footwear brand of 2020. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale. Who doesn’t need a full set of screw drivers? Your dad will probably fall in love with this affordable kitchen gadget. We’re talking gym clothes, smart-phones and even tablets. One of the issues we’ve examined on this site is how to get rid of baggy eyes and dark circles for men. Links have been provided to Amazon where you can check pricing. Highly rated by the men who use them, this guy gift choice is a big time smart choice hands down. You can get these online and place them directly in his stocking.


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