Phantom of the Kill is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. US$0.99. The source of her Killium is the Bow of Shekinah, which is said to be wielded by angels. Phantom of the Kill 11 Fav. That said, in order to play you need a pretty powerful Android and a lot of free memory. 7 Fav. Phantom of the Kill vol.4. Phantom of the Kill. [3] When characters take enough damage in combat, they get removed from the battlefield, with the team with remaining players being the victor. 7 Fav. Content Rating +12 ; … 2★. It generally received mixed reviews, with critics praising the gameplay, but criticizing the loading and repetition involved with playing the game. As such, her fashion is quite flamboyant, which makes her stand out wherever she goes. She's very reliable, but utterly unforgiving of those who break rules. [7] It is later revealed that the global version would be a prequel story of the game, which focuses on the first Killer Prince. She's very reliable, but utterly unforgiving of those who break rules. [3] The game does not have permadeath, but characters who are defeated do lose equipped items.[3]. A passionate and loving Killer Princess, she is not that well suited for combat, but is loved by everyone for her charming personality and appearance. Phantom of the Kill Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The game is hosted on two servers; Japan and Global which has different story lines. She loves things that sparkle or shine, and loves wearing them even more. [2] The game involves the player moving characters across a grid with chess-like movement requirements, and battling an opposing team of computer-controlled characters in turn-based combat.

Genre fans will likely get a kick out of it initially, but I have to believe that only the hardest of the hardcore will stick around once the grind sets in.

Phantom of the Kill 11 Fav. The source of her Killium is the Bow of Shekinah, which is said to be wielded by angels. [2], The game received mixed reviews from critics, who generally praised the core Fire Emblem-based game play, but criticized the social gaming aspects and extensive load times. 9 Fav. The source of her Killium is the Bow of Shekinah, which is said to be wielded by angels. The swimsuit she picked out for the latest underwater battle was sparkly, sexy, and flamboyant. [10] The game had a cross-over event with Brave Frontier and in June 2016,[11] and Puella Magi Madoka Magica in November 2019.

Parashu (Phantom of the Kill) 6 Fav. A global version was released on May 2016 but was later shut down in mid-2018. Her Killium comes from the divine bow of the god of love, Eros, and this has given her a keen interest in people's love lives--she spends her time either trying to mediate between people, or trying to tear them apart. Phantom of the Kill is an excellent role-play/strategy combo that's highly reminiscent of the Fire Emblem sagas. When her commander reminds her what happened previously, though, she considers the matter for a moment, then returns the skimpy beachwear to the rack, blushing. Artemis(Swimsuit ver.) It is a LINE sticker of the popular mobile game Phantom of the kill. TouchArcade praised the game's production values and core gameplay, but criticized the need for excessive grinding or blind luck needed to advance through the game, ultimately concluding that "...neither the story nor the gameplay are strong enough to elevate the game beyond the status of an average social RPG with excellent production values. Since Freikugel and Labrys also love flashy and showy things, she is always asking them where she should go to find outfits that are sparkly and flamboyant. +5 PAtk/MAtk/Crit for whole stage for Fire allies. [2] 200 years ago, strange demons start appearing in the human world where humanity is under threat of extinction. By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more discoverable by other APKPure users. |, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK. [6] Work on an English version began right away in early 2015,[6] but wasn't officially announced as such until June 2015. Phantom of the Kill (Japanese: ファントム オブ キル, Hepburn: Fantomu obu Kiru) is a mobile strategy role-playing video game developed by Fuji&gumi Games and published by Gumi for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. +10 PAtk/MAtk/Crit for whole stage for Fire allies. When she tried to remember she gets ambushed by monsters before being helped by a Killer Princess named Tyrfing as she slew the monsters. Humanity's last hope is the Killer Project, a dangerous Super Soldier Project created by the Ragnarok Institute that would create special beings called "Killer Princes and Princesses", that can defeat said demons and wield weapons capable of destroying them. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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