Women Who Count: 3 Smart STEM Romances

When Octavia Spencer first read the script for Hidden Figures — based on a book about the African American women who did the math for our early
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Get A Global Perspective With 5 Of The Year’s Best Books In Translation

There's a great quote by Haruki Murakami: "If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is
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Some Assembly Required: New Space Telescope Will Take Shape After Launch

The next generation of great space telescopes is heading into its final round of ground tests. The nearly $9 billion James Webb Space Telescope will
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Are Insects The Future Of Food?

Part 5 of the TED Radio Hour episode The Food We Eat About Marcel Dicke's TED Talk Entomologist Marcel Dicke wants us to reconsider our
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In Southwest China, A ‘Very Large Eyeball’ Peers Into Deep Space

In the year 1054, Chinese astronomers of the Song Dynasty recorded a star in the sky so bright that it was visible to the naked eye even during
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3 Romances To Light Up Your Diwali

If you're wondering why holiday lights have already gone up in some of the homes in your neighborhood, the answer is probably Diwali, the Indian
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Finding A Way Home Through ‘The Door Of No Return’

So the family lore goes something like this: My mother was getting a checkup and some shots before a trip to Ghana with her boyfriend, who was from
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The ‘Fireside Guide’ Has Delightfully Simple Answers To Your Grown-Up Problems

Remember for a moment the days of your youth. Before you were a reader of Serious Literature. Before you cared about the big questions and thematic
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Magic In The Air: 3 Young Adult Fantasy Reads For Fall

It's inevitable: As soon as I'm too busy to read for pleasure, all I want to do is dig into a new novel. So it somehow seems fitting that during this
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The United Nations Is Launching A Space Mission

The U.N. is planning to launch its first space mission into orbit, packed with scientific experiments from countries that can't afford their own
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